Whitelock's Ale House, Leeds Est.1715 Book a Table
Whitelock's Ale House, Leeds Est.1715 Book a Table
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A Taste of Spain: Moments from Murcia

From 7pm, £50 per person.

As we approach Summer and the temperatures start to rise, Chef Seb has created a five course tasting menu inspired by the food of his hometown, Murcia in Spain.

The menu is packed full of fresh seafood, combining the skills he has learnt in kitchens in the UK complemented by the rich colours, flavours, and smells which you would associate with the southern Spanish city.

Five Course Menu

Prawn tostas, seaweed, pine nuts, romesco sauce.

Scallops, sobrasada, cauliflower

Arroz caldero, cod, langoustine, paprika and lemon aioli, cod crackling

Sherry braised pork cheeks, celeriac purée, blackberries.

Lemon meringue pie, paparajote.


  • Sobrasada is like a soft spreadable sausage, similar to nduja.
  • Arroz caldero is kind of rissotto, typical from seaside in Murcia.
  • Paparajote is the most typical dessert in Murcia, literally a lemon tree leaves, battered and deep fried.

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